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Gym Wall Design & Development

Concept Development, Final Artwork Design, Approval Process, and Installation for Gym Wall Interior at Sheraton Colombo in Collaboration with Inspire Events

Upon receiving an inquiry from Sheraton Colombo, a part of the Marriott Group, we engaged in a series of initial meetings and presented proposals for a Gym Wall Interior Design and Installation. The client had a tight timeline, necessitating swift execution from Concept Development to Final Artwork Design, Approval Processes, and the Installation Phase. This project was executed in collaboration with Inspire Events.


Identified Problem:

Creating a Motivational Atmosphere Tailored to Travelers, Not Just Bodybuilders.


  1. Targeted Motivational Ambiance: Recognizing that the gym's primary users were travellers, not necessarily bodybuilders, we focused on creating an environment that would inspire and energize a diverse range of individuals.

  2. Efficient Project Execution: Given the tight timeframe, we adopted a structured approach, breaking down the project into three distinct phases, ensuring each step was executed efficiently.

  3. Strategic Placement of Meaningful Quotes: To infuse the gym with motivation, we strategically placed quotes relevant to various exercises. This not only added aesthetic value but also provided a source of inspiration for those utilizing the gym.

  4. 360-Degree Visualization: Understanding the client's need for a comprehensive visual representation before installation, we employed 360-degree video technology to showcase the project. This allowed the client to fully grasp the design concept and make informed decisions.

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