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D&H Brand Identity Development

(Brand Identity Development with Brand Guidelines)

Creative Street was tasked with developing the unique brand identity of D&H, a dynamic company founded by visionary young entrepreneurs. The project encompassed the creation of a comprehensive brand guideline to ensure consistency across all business segments, including manufacturing, trading, distribution of spices, consumer products, professional services, and tourism-related activities.

They reached out to Creative Street to develop a new logo, but after our very first meeting, we educated them about the value of having a brand identity incorporated with brand guidelines and how it would help their company soon. So, they trusted Creative Street and gave us the D&H Brand Identity Development project.


D&H, established by two enterprising individuals, embodies a multi-faceted approach to business. The company's operations span various sectors, each with its own dedicated business head. These leaders oversee seamless operations and are committed to achieving the company's overarching objectives.


Identified Problems:

1. Fragmented Brand Identity: D&H lacked a cohesive brand identity across its diverse business segments, leading to brand dilution.

2. Lack of Visual Consistency: The absence of a unified visual language hindered recognition and recall.

3. Lack of Brand Guidelines: The absence of a comprehensive brand guideline made it challenging to maintain consistency in communication.


1. Brand Identity Design: Creative Street embarked on a comprehensive design, seamlessly integrating the core values and aspirations of D&H into a unified brand identity.

2. Strategic Colour Palette Selection: The chosen green and blue palette embodies sustainability and trust, underpinning D&H's commitment to ethical and eco-friendly practices.

3. Symbolism through Design: The brand mark, comprising two upward-facing arrows and an open-ended shape, symbolizes growth, innovation, and a forward-thinking approach.

4. Creation of Brand Identity Incorporated into Guidelines: Creative Street created a logo, brand icons, stationery designs, uniform designs, and product packaging designs to align with the brand guidelines.

The Creative Street team was able to come up with another successful brand identity development. Both founders of D&H are satisfied with the new brand identity. After completing that project, they expressed interest in developing the brand identity for an upcoming brand called Waro Waro. In the near future, they will reap the benefits of having a corporate brand identity.

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