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Package Design & Development

Brand Identity Transformation for an Elevated Supermarket Experience

Food Corner, a prominent supermarket chain in Gampaha, sought to elevate its brand identity to be on par with top-tier supermarkets, with the goal of broadening its market reach. Dedicated to offering high-quality products at competitive prices, they approached us to bring their vision to fruition, inspired by the successful transformation we had achieved for another client.


Identified Problems:

  1. Meaningful and Memorable Brand Identity: Previously, Food Corner’s brand lacked an essence that was both meaningful and memorable, failing to make a lasting impression on customers.

  2. Lack of Consistency in Brand Elements: The inconsistency in the brand's visual elements weakened its overall recognizability and impact.

  3. Competing with High-End Brands: To realize their ambitions, Food Corner needed a brand overhaul to match the stature of leading high-end supermarkets.


  1. Strategic Brand Redesign: Our approach was a holistic brand redesign, aimed at infusing the brand with both meaning and memorability. This redesign focused on capturing Food Corner's dedication to quality and accessibility.

  2. Unified Visual Language: We developed a cohesive set of brand elements, establishing a unified visual identity that bolstered recognizability and enhanced the brand's impact at every customer touchpoint.

  3. Elevated Brand Image: Meticulous design choices were made to uplift Food Corner's brand image, thereby positioning it as a versatile supermarket catering to a broad customer base, regardless of budget.

Logo Meaning:

The new logo stands as a testament to Food Corner's commitment to offering a diverse range of products, addressing the needs of both high-end and budget-conscious customers. The intertwining design elements symbolize the supermarket as a hub of convenience and choice. The palette of rich maroon and red hues symbolizes accessibility, inviting shoppers from all income levels. Thoughtfully chosen fonts lend an air of elegance and distinctiveness, enhancing the logo’s readability and impact. The warm red colour signifies strength, energy, passion, and fearlessness, reflecting the brand's robust and vibrant nature. This colour scheme is designed to inspire action and engagement with the brand. Collectively, the logo encapsulates Food Corner's core values, forging a memorable and distinctive brand identity.


The transformation of Food Corner’s brand identity has successfully repositioned it as a modern, inclusive, and dynamic player in the supermarket sector. The new logo, combined with consistent brand elements, resonates with a broader audience and empowers Food Corner to effectively compete in the high-end supermarket segment.

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