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Package Design & Development

Revitalizing Forthright Teas: Logo and Product Packaging Development

Established in 2017, Forthright Teas has committed itself to delivering the finest, factory-fresh Pure Ceylon tea, embodying values of integrity, trust, and uncompromising quality. Their mission is to offer an unparalleled tea-drinking experience, upholding the highest standards of Ceylon tea while maintaining competitive pricing. Operating from a state-of-the-art processing facility in Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, Forthright Teas adheres to rigorous hygienic standards (ISO 22000, GMP, UTZ, Halal, and GS 1 certification). They specialize in customized value-added exports, including packeted, tea bags, and bulk packing under various brand names, sourced from the most esteemed Ceylon tea estates. Registered with esteemed institutions such as the Sri Lanka Tea Board and Export Development Board, Forthright Teas takes pride in offering only the finest Single Origin Pure Ceylon Tea.

Purpose: Stimulating a Passion for the Love of Tea: Forthright Teas is dedicated to inspiring tea lovers through a commitment to quality and trustworthy partnerships, embodying forthrightness in every aspect of their business.


Identified Problems:

  1. Alignment with Sri Lankan Heritage: The existing logo did not resonate with the rich heritage of Sri Lanka, a key aspect the client sought to incorporate.

  2. Compatibility with Printing Methods: The current logo lacked versatility, struggling to adapt to various printing techniques.

  3. Competing in a Saturated Market: With a fiercely competitive market, Forthright Teas faced the challenge of standing out and establishing their unique brand identity.

  4. Lacking a Distinctive Value-Added Brand: To distinguish themselves, Forthright Teas needed to transcend beyond being a manufacturer, focusing on value-added products.

  5. Embracing Sustainable Packaging: In line with global sustainability trends, there was a need for packaging that was eco-friendly and sustainable.

  6. Balancing Premium Quality and Budget-Friendliness: The product packaging needed to exude premium quality while remaining cost-effective.


  1. Symbol of Sri Lankan Heritage: We crafted a brand icon featuring an elephant, a quintessential symbol of Sri Lanka. Specifically, we chose the "Thumpath Rena," representing harmony and fortune.

  2. Versatile Logo for All Printing Methods: The redesigned logo was engineered for adaptability across a range of printing techniques.

  3. Innovative Packaging Design: We introduced a distinctive packaging type with a unique design, ensuring Forthright Teas stands out on the shelves.

  4. Elevated Sensory Experience: Incorporating gold foiling and a matte finish, we heightened the tactile experience, adding a sense of luxury to the product.

  5. Sustainable and Budget-Friendly Paper Board: We opted for eco-friendly paper board, marrying sustainability with budget-conscious packaging solutions.

  6. Achievements: The transformation of Forthright Teas includes a logo that now resonates with Sri Lankan heritage and packaging that harmoniously blends premium quality with sustainability. In a competitive market, Forthright Teas is poised to stand out and continue its journey as a brand synonymous with integrity, trust, and uncompromising quality.

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