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Package Design & Development

Glenwood Tea, a distinguished tea manufacturer in Sri Lanka, embarked on a journey to introduce a range of exquisite tea varieties. With an eye on international markets, they envisioned a packaging solution that would resonate with discerning consumers abroad. Creative Street, on this project, had the privilege of working with Glenwood Tea, marking one of our earliest collaborations.

In tandem with Glenwood Tea's commitment to excellence, we recognized the imperative of infusing sustainability into the heart of our design process. Every aspect of the package, from material selection to finishing touches, was chosen with the environment in mind. By prioritizing eco-friendly alternatives, we ensured that the elegance of the packaging harmonized with the protection of our precious natural resources.


Identified Problems:

  1. Had to Compete with Massive Competition: In a highly competitive market, standing out required a packaging solution that not only captured attention but also communicated the unique value of Glenwood Tea's offerings.

  2. Lacked a Brand with Value-Added Products of Their Own: Glenwood Tea needed a brand identity that would elevate it above being a mere manufacturer, positioning it as a provider of distinctive, value-added products.

  3. Necessity for Sustainable Packaging: Recognizing the global shift towards sustainability, Glenwood Tea sought packaging that not only looked elegant but also upheld eco-conscious values.


  1. Unique Packaging Design: We created a one-of-a-kind packaging type with a design that not only stands out but also conveys the premium quality of Glenwood Tea's products.

  2. Elevated Perceived Value: By incorporating gold foiling and applying a matte finish to the packaging, we added a touch of luxury. The tactile experience of the packaging enhances the overall perception of the product.

  3. Strategic Shelf Presence: We designed the packaging with a completely different look to ensure it grabs attention on the shelves, setting Glenwood Tea apart from competitors.

  4. Eco-Friendly Paper Caddie: To align with Glenwood Tea's commitment to sustainability, we opted for paper caddie packaging, providing a more environmentally conscious option.

  5. Air-Tight Packaging for Quality Assurance: We implemented air-tight packaging to ensure the long-lasting quality and freshness of Glenwood Tea's products, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Achievements: The outcome of our creative endeavour surpassed expectations. The package design, born from our innovative ideas and dedication to nature, stood as a testament to our commitment to both excellence and sustainability. This project not only yielded a remarkable end result but also solidified our shared vision with Glenwood Tea in preserving and protecting the environment.

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