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Website Development

Revamping Rosemead Healthcare: Website Development for Care Homes

Description of Customer: Rosemead Healthcare, a prominent subsidiary under Colombo Street, embarked on a mission to develop an all-encompassing website for their network of care homes, comprising ALEXANDRA CARE HOME, WILLOW BROOK CARE HOME, and AMBER LODGE NURSING HOME. The objective was twofold: to create a seamless online portal that unifies all three care homes under a singular digital umbrella and to amplify their lead generation capabilities for both home bookings and staffing opportunities.


Identified Problems:

  1. Suboptimal User Experience: The pre-existing website was plagued by sluggish performance, contributing to a lacklustre user experience.

  2. Inadequate Lead Collection Mechanisms: The absence of effective tools for lead collection from each care home hindered efficient customer and staff engagement.

  3. Lack of a CV Collection Facility: The website lacked a dedicated feature for the collection of CVs from prospective employees, limiting recruitment opportunities.

  4. Inefficient Email List Management: The website was not equipped to capture and manage the email addresses of potential clients, a key aspect of digital marketing strategies.

  5. Subpar SEO Practices: The website's poor visibility on major search engines was a barrier to reaching a broader audience.

  6. Inconsistent Branding: The website's aesthetic did not mirror Rosemead Healthcare's brand ethos, adversely affecting brand perception.


  1. Enhanced Website Performance: A comprehensive overhaul of the site’s infrastructure was undertaken to ensure swift loading times and a superior user experience.

  2. Strategic Lead Generation Tools: Customized lead capture forms were integrated for each care home, streamlining the inquiry process, and ensuring efficient communication with the relevant contacts.

  3. Simplified CV Submission Process: We incorporated intuitive CV submission interfaces, thereby facilitating the recruitment process and efficient management of potential employee information.

  4. Robust Email Marketing Framework: To bolster marketing efforts, we introduced systems for collecting and managing the email addresses of prospective clients.

  5. SEO Optimization: A meticulous SEO audit was carried out, followed by the implementation of industry best practices to boost the website's visibility and search engine ranking.

  6. Brand-Aligned Website Design: We executed a complete visual redesign of the website, aligning it closely with the core values and aesthetics of Rosemead Healthcare, thus ensuring a consistent and compelling brand narrative.

Achievements: The transformation of the Rosemead Healthcare website marked a significant leap in digital presence, characterized by enhanced performance, user-centric design, and effective lead generation. The implementation of advanced SEO techniques significantly improved the site's visibility, broadening its reach. The meticulously executed brand-centric redesign not only aligned the website with the organization's core values but also elevated the overall brand perception, establishing Rosemead Healthcare as a symbol of excellence and commitment in the care home sector.

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