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Personal Brand Identity Development

Elevating Saman Lenin's Brand Identity: A Fusion of Artistry and Sri Lankan Heritage

Creative Street embarked on a transformative journey with Saman Lenin, a celebrated singer and actor in Sri Lanka. The objective was to refine and enhance his existing brand identity to reflect not only his artistic prowess but also his Sri Lankan roots. Additionally, the new logo was designed to be versatile for use in his upcoming events.


Saman Lenin, renowned for his talents in singing and acting, commands a devoted following in Sri Lanka. He sought to transcend his current brand image and create an identity that resonates both with his audience and his heritage.

Identified Problems:

  1. Lack of Distinct Brand Identity: Saman's previous branding lacked a unique and recognizable identity that could effectively represent his talent and cultural heritage.

  2. Ineffective Logo: The existing logo did not resonate with Saman's audience and failed to capture the essence of his artistry and Sri Lankan roots.

  3. Lack of Visual Consistency: Saman experienced issues related to visual consistency. The absence of a unified visual language hindered recognition, recall, and effective communication.


  1. Symbolic "SL" Design: Creative Street introduced a symbol featuring "SL," representing Saman Lenin and Sri Lanka. Crafted in the shape of a pyramid, it embodies Saman's ability to transform universal inspirations into his distinctive voice, evoking unique emotions in his audience.

  2. Ayubowan Hand Gesture: The incorporated hand sign symbolizes a warm welcome and bestows blessings for a prosperous life, adding an international touch to Saman's brand identity.

  3. Dual-toned Palette: The chosen black and gold colours convey power, authority, timelessness, elegance, luxury, opulence, success, and confidence, reflecting Saman's diverse artistic capabilities.

  4. Brand Identity Design: Creative Street embarked on a comprehensive design, seamlessly integrating the core values and aspirations of Saman into a unified brand identity.

  5. Consistent Brand Applications: Creative Street created a logo, brand icons, stationery designs, and uniform designs to align with the brand guidelines.

Meaning of Logo:

The symbol "SL" was conceived, encapsulating the initials of Saman Lenin, and standing as an ode to Sri Lanka. Crafted in the form of a pyramid, it signifies Saman's ability to absorb universal inspirations and transform them into his distinctive voice that evokes unique emotions. The symbol also mirrors the Ayubowan hand gesture, symbolizing a warm welcome and bestowing blessing for a prosperous life. This design choice not only grants international appeal but also distinguishes Saman from his contemporaries in the realm of personal vocal artists.

The choice of colours is deliberate:

• Black: Projects power, authority, timelessness, elegance, and an air of mystery.

• Gold: Radiates luxury, opulence, success, confidence, elegance, prestige, approachability, and diversity.

This dual-toned palette embodies the richness and diversity that Saman brings to his craft.

The Creative Street team was able to come up with another successful brand identity development. Saman Lenin will reap the benefits of having a corporate brand identity.

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