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Sansa Tea – Package Design & Development

Elevating Sansa Tea: Package Design and Development for TDK Trade Links

Sansa Tea, a brand under the umbrella of TDK Trade Links, represents a new venture in the tea industry. TDK, founded by a seasoned expert in the field, has a rich history in tea private labelling. Their decision to develop their own line of teas marked a significant milestone in their business journey.


Identified Problems:

  1. Need for Differentiated Branding: With the launch of Sansa Tea, there was a requirement for a distinctive branding strategy to set it apart from other offerings in the market.

  2. Packaging Dilemma: Creating packaging that conveyed both high-end quality and a natural, organic feel was a significant challenge.


  1. Creative Branding Approach: Creative Street devised a branding strategy that incorporated watercolour elements and a pastel colour scheme, creating an aesthetic that was both high-end and naturally appealing.

  2. Innovative Packaging Design: To achieve the desired effect, cylindrical paper caddies with matte lamination were chosen as the packaging material. This choice not only provided a premium look but also ensured the integrity of the tea.

  3. Project Scope: Creative Street was tasked with creating a unique tea range featuring flavours like Camomile & Sarsaparilla, Cinnamon & Bael, Moringa, and Turmeric Lemongrass and Ginger. The challenge was not only to select the perfect packaging but also to infuse a high-end, natural aesthetic. Our solution involved incorporating watercolour elements paired with a pastel colour scheme. For packaging material, we opted for cylindrical paper caddies with a matte lamination finish. Leveraging our expertise in tea packaging, we also designed informative icons to provide customers with quick flavour insights.

  4. Achievements: The resulting packaging not only met the client's requirements but surpassed their expectations. The combination of watercolour visuals, pastel tones, and matte finishes gave the tea line a sophisticated, natural appeal. The iconography provided a user-friendly touch, making it easy for customers to identify their desired flavours. The project stands as a testament to our ability to deliver solutions that align perfectly with our client's vision.

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