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Brand Identity Development

Revitalizing Waro Waro: Brand Identity Development for a Social Media Application

Description of Customer: Waro Waro is a dynamic social media application rooted in Sri Lanka. The brand sought a distinctive, culturally resonant brand development. After several iterations and valuable client feedback, we honed in on a concept that would become the cornerstone of the brand's identity.


Identified Problems:

  1. Fragmented Brand Identity: Waro Waro grappled with a scattered brand identity, lacking coherence across its diverse business segments. This led to brand dilution and a diluted market presence.

  2. Lack of Visual Consistency: The absence of a unified visual language posed a challenge in terms of brand recognition and recall.

  3. Lack of Brand Guidelines: The brand operated without a comprehensive brand guideline, making it difficult to maintain a uniform brand image and communication strategy.



  1. Customized Waro Waro Typeface: We developed a bespoke Waro Waro typeface, providing users with a distinctive and memorable experience. The fusion of curved and straight edges symbolizes the unity of the Sri Lankan community. This typeface, recommended for use in the logo, offers significant marketing advantages, ensuring the brand name and logo are etched into users' memory.

  2. Culturally Meaningful Logo: The brand logo, with its unique typeface, serves as a symbol even for non-Sinhalese speakers, signifying the essence of Waro Waro. The dot at the end of the logo encapsulates the enduring echoes of the Waro Waro audio clip.

  3. Unified Visual Language: Through the brand's revitalized visual identity, we established a unified language, ensuring consistency in recognition and recall.

  4. Comprehensive Brand Guidelines: We crafted a comprehensive brand guideline, providing a clear roadmap for consistent brand representation across all platforms and communication channels.

  5. Project Background: This project stands as another milestone for the G&H group, reflecting our dedication to crafting impactful brand identities and solving complex branding challenges.

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