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Brand Identity Development

Elevating W International: A Comprehensive Brand Identity Development

Description of Customer: W International Holdings, a budding conglomerate based in the Maldives, is poised for a promising venture in a sextuple business sphere. Their operations range from trading construction materials, flowers, and spices to expanding their footprint in the import-export domain. In crafting the brand identity for W International Holdings, our focus was on foreseeing the brand's prospects and potential. These insights formed the bedrock for creating a modern, premium, clean, unique, and reputable brand identity. The red gradient chosen signifies the ascending trajectory of the brand's bright future, while the sharp edges denote its immense potential.


Identified Problems:

  1. Fragmented Brand Identity: W International grappled with a disjointed brand image, lacking cohesion across its diverse business segments.

  2. Lack of Visual Consistency: The absence of a unified visual language posed a challenge in terms of brand recognition and recall.

  3. Lack of Brand Guidelines: The brand operated without comprehensive brand guidelines, making it difficult to maintain a uniform brand image and communication strategy.



  1. Unified Brand Identity Design: Creative Street undertook a comprehensive design overhaul to ensure that the brand's identity is cohesive and reflective of its multifaceted business operations.

  2. Strategic Use of Red Gradient: The red gradient portrays Vigor and determination, highlighting the brand's dynamic growth.

  3. Symbolism through Brand Icon: The emblematic "W" symbolizes quality, with its altered orientation representing the brand's commitment to excellence. The triangular shape underscores the brand's dedication to delivering high-quality products and services.

  4. Emphasis on Trust and Financial Stability: The brand icon conveys trustworthiness, signifying positive faith, growth, and financial stability.

  5. Harmonious Typeface Integration: A clean, simple, and confident typeface is seamlessly integrated with the brand icon for a harmonized visual representation.

  6. Achievements: The revitalized brand identity for W International Holdings set a solid foundation for a unified and recognizable brand image. The red gradient, along with the symbolic brand icon, exudes confidence and a commitment to quality.

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